The Art of Storage

Composition on the wall, who's the fares of them all? 
Whether closed boxes or open shelving storage has become an art form.

designed by Eric Pfeiffer. Retailing for $650.

designed by: unknown. Retailing for $240
designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. Retailing for $2816.

designed by Rakks.

Rakks is a favorite of mine!!!  A made-to-order shelving system with beautiful brackets and rods that are supported by rails. You can also hide the rails in the wall during construction for a cleaner look.
I've recently ordered 3 closets and a laundry room worth of Rakks for around $1200 or about $300 per room... Stay tuned for pictures...

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  1. I have seen Rakks shelving and storage systems in one of the home channels, and I particularly liked the design. It is very modern and sleek, yet very functional. When the kids are older and are able to manage their clutter, I think I want to have of these storage and shelving systems installed at home.