Carriger Residence

Almost done!

This minimalist modern farmhouse was inspired by William Wurster.'s Gregory Farmhouse near Scotts Valley, California. The simple lines and clean materials create a pristine space for about half of typical building cost in the area. 

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Creative Kitchen Concepts_Craftsmen custom blend_1.0

Introducing Kitchen Concepts_by EcoCentric Design!

Whether you are updating your Craftsman Bungalow or trying to warm up your Mid Century Ranch this sustainable kitchen concept is for you! Just visit your local eco-home improvement store and ask for the samples from the list below and you're on your way to a custom designed kitchen by EcoCentric Design!

Samples provided by EcoHome Improvement, Berkeley California
To schedule an appoint for a kitchen consultation in the San Francisco Bay Area please contact Carrie at,

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Material board_Pacheco Valley Residence

After completing the design for the new kitchen remodel I worked with the owner of this Pacheco Valley post modern condo to create a more updated and cozy look for his living space. With a mix of new, recycled, and existing pieces we created a unique space that truly reflects his personality and budget.

New floor plan and color scheme
Updated living room

kitchen remodel

Sustainable features:
Eames Lounge: Found on Ebay!
Mid Century Cradenza: Found on Ebay!
Bamboo floors throughout
The rug was existing and the art is an inspiration piece. The client will create his own work to frame and place in the new fireplace alcove.

Splurge items:
Prouvé Potence Lamp: Design Within Reach
Thatcher Dining Chairs: Room and Board

Design Finds: Ebay 1_30_11

 Mid Century Madness and a Darling French Sideboard

Beautifully remastered lounge chairs with new foam fills, new upholstery and a great new shine. Original designer Kofod Larsen c.1960s.

I want it! I want it! I want it!
Refinished credenza/sideboard featuring beautiful walnut wood grain, smart sexy base, and groovy Tambour doors. A Mid Century master piece!

I love these multi-functional Drexel Stewart & MacDougall cabinets! Use them as end tables, nightstands, or put them together and they become a beautiful sideboard or credenza.

And one Darling French Sideboard. For all my Mid Century love, I can't resist a beautifully feminine Frenchy.

The Art of Storage

Composition on the wall, who's the fares of them all? 
Whether closed boxes or open shelving storage has become an art form.

designed by Eric Pfeiffer. Retailing for $650.

designed by: unknown. Retailing for $240
designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. Retailing for $2816.

designed by Rakks.

Rakks is a favorite of mine!!!  A made-to-order shelving system with beautiful brackets and rods that are supported by rails. You can also hide the rails in the wall during construction for a cleaner look.
I've recently ordered 3 closets and a laundry room worth of Rakks for around $1200 or about $300 per room... Stay tuned for pictures...

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Design Finds: Ebay 1_22_11

Original Papa Bear Chair found on Ebay!
As you may or may not know, I had the privilege of spending a little time in Denmark studying architecture. What struck me the most about their culture was their attention and love of design. From their hats, scarves, and gloves to their lighting, seating, and dining; somehow the Danes have design ingrained in their souls. I am a big fan!

That is why I was so excited to find an Original Papa Chair on Ebay! Now, the price leaves a little to be desired but this chair is a classic and I would be remiss if I didn't share it with you.

This is a beautiful find! An English burled sideboard with delicate wood pattern on the glass. With its clean lines and warm wood tone, this piece would be a wonderful addition to a modern interior.

I love the unique style of these vintage wood side tables. They would be a great compliment to a high bed or flanking the sofa. I could see these tables in a eco-modern living room where their natural wood grain would add to the decor or a high glamor bedroom were their elegant legs and beautiful finish could shine.

Sustain that Look: Bathroom Sanctuary

You can probably tell by the amount of press that I am giving to this image that I really like it. We've talked about the tansu chest many times, and about the innovative vanity, now it's time to...Sustain that Look: Bathroom Sanctuary style...

One of the most dramatic elements in this bathroom is the dark paint. Paint is always a great tool to go green with because now-a-days all colors are available in the low and even NO VOC (volatile organic compounds) option. For this look try Benjamin Moore Natura collection: Flint AF-560
Another eye popping element in this bathroom is the clean white above counter sink. I know, usually when we're talking about sustainability design in the bathroom or kitchen it's all about the flush and flow; water usage. However, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to this way groovy company: Durat . Durat has developed a solid surface material that they use to produce sinks, tubs, countertops, and other custom products. The best part about it is it's made of post consumer and/or post industrial waste and is 100% recyclable. No yard art future for this sink! Now that is refreshing!

You'll notice I didn't mention price...
You can get that same look on Amazon for $112.70. Because keeping in budget = sustainable design.

And of course my own personal obsession, the Tansu Chest...
Another great way to go sustainable is to go antique (AKA: old and used). This chest was featured in Design Finds: Ebay on Jan 7 and is going for $999.00

The alternative is another Amazon find at $295.00. Click the link below for more information.
Japanese Ko-Dansu Tansu Chest Kiri Wood w/Cherry Finish

If you have a great look that you would like to see in "Sustain That Look" please email it to 

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